Power & Torque up to 45%

How will my car improve after fitting a chip or a remap?

  • Non-Turbo cars from 8-11% more torque
  • Turbo petrol cars from 10-30% more torque
  • Turbo diesel cars from 20-45% more torque

Prices from only 250



Feel The Difference

In your Pocket

Up to 10-20% Better MPG
Smoother Acceleration
Removes Flats Spots
Improved Towing Capability
Environmentally Friendly

Apart from Saving Money, you will be reducing your carbon footprint and helping in the fight against Global Warming.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will remapping effect fuel consumption?
Yes remapping the ECU (Engine Control Unit) does effect fuel consumption anyone who tells you otherwise would be lying, you can’t get something for nothing. when we remap an ECU the open loop parameters for fuel are altered to give more performance, so if this extra performance is always used then you will use more fuel. But if normal driving is observed then fuel consumption is unaffected. On motor way driving a lot of customers have noted better fuel economy after remapping.

Will my warranty or insurance be affected?
your warranty or insurance may be affected, but this is not normally the case as we do not replace any components we overwrite the ECUs (Engine Control Unit) engine map this is essentially software. It is also worth noting that remapping is invisible and cannot be detected visually or electronically.

How much does remapping cost?
We charge €350 for a typical family car, prices vary depending on vehicle make and model. Please call us for an exact quote.

What are the hidden costs?
There are no hidden costs, the price we quote you before we come out is the price you pay not a penny more.

What is remapping?
Remapping is overwriting original software contained inside a cars ECU (Engine Control Unit) with tuned software. This software is referred to as the engine map because it is this program that controls the engine. Before the advent of serial port remapping the only way to overwrite this software was to replace the chip that contained the software. Now this can all be done by plugging in to the vehicles serial port and overwrite the engine map with the performance version. Remapping is not a gimmick it is a performance conversion that will seriously improve the power & drivability of your engine.

How is it done?
The first job to do when a new E.C.U. type arrives at Autoremap is for the chip content to be read and stored on a PC. Then, using a combination of in-house software, in-depth experience of engine management software, and processor instruction sets the maps of interest are identified. Our programmers then rewrite the map contents to achieve the required results. The new chip content, complete with necessary checksums is then programmed into a new chip.

Why remap at all?
E.C.U's (Engine Control Units) were first introduced back in the 1980's as a supposedly more efficient method of controlling engine fuelling, ignition timing, and emissions. The problem lies in the fact that all new cars have to undergo 'Type Approval', and part of this is getting the car through the 'Urban Driving Cycle' tests. Remote from European driving conditions as they are (the tests are based on a simulated trip around Los Angeles with the resulting noxious gases collected in a bag for testing), car manufacturers had no option but to comply. In order to meet the stringent requirements, engines are virtually detuned to pass the test. As a result the car never performs as well as its mechanically controlled counterpart, with hesitancy and flat spots thrown in for good measure. This leaves masses of room for a creative engineer to re-tune for vastly improved performance, and without infringing any emissions regulations.

Why don’t the car manufacturers do the remapping in the first place, surely a more powerful engine is a selling point?
This is a very good question, why does a car manufacturer purposely de-tune an engine before they sell it. There are a few reasons for this - one is that the manufacturers have to sell there car all over the world and must de-tune there engines for different fuel grades and atmospheric conditions to prevent engine damage caused by these conditions. They also have to take in to account the average car buyer not every car buyer is like you they don’t all want blistering horsepower from there engine, a new mother for example isn’t going to be too impressed by a VW Golf TDI wheel spinning in third gear when she takes it for a test drive. So they must compromise between out & out performance and general sale ability.

Can my car be returned to standard power at a later date?
Yes we keep every customers original map on hard drive so if you ever decide to return you car to its standard power, say if you pass it on to a less experienced driver we can come out and reprogram your ECU at any time.

What Vehicles do you chip or remap?

Our Technology will work well with most modern Trucks.
Articulated Trucks, Ridgid Trucks & Tipper Trucks and vans are all catered for.

We are able to remap most cars, & Jeeps. Petrol and Diesel, Turbo and non-turbo. Enhance the power & drivability of your engine

How will my car improve after fitting a chip or a remap?

Non-Turbo cars from 8-11% more torque
Turbo petrol cars from 10-30% more torque
Turbo diesel cars from 20-45% more torque

Where is Autoremap based?

We are based just off the M50 close to Bray Co. Wicklow. We can also travel nationwide to your place of business to provide our services, we also offering a discount for groups buys or in the case of more than one car or truck being re-mapped at the same time discounts will apply..

Autoremap Disclaimer

We are asked to map cars for lots of different reasons, from improving the towing ability of the vehicle through to complimenting other physical tuning additions such as induction and exhaust kits. At AutoRemap we see many different cars, cars that are brand new and others that are 5 or more years old, cars with a few hundred miles and others with many thousands of miles on the clock. We dont know how the cars have been driven or serviced and their current state of repair. If we are asked to map a car we may want to look over the vehicle and decide it is not in either of our interests to proceed, but rest assured 98% of vehicles are fine to map. If we dont proceed we will tell you why!

Every vehicle has components that wear and over the miles deteriorate until eventually they fail. When putting any additional stress on an engine you are going to affect this wear and tear and in some cases speed up the process. We would advise you to be aware of such items as turbo chargers as one example. At AutoRemap we feel we should make you aware of this as we cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any such failure due to the addition of a vehicle remap.

AutoRemap Guarantee
We fully understand that anyone new to remapping or even just new to our company will naturally be quite worried that they may not be able to feel the extra power and torque after the conversion or that they may not get the promised fuel economy gains. With this in mind we have the following simple guarantee and refund policy to put your mind at rest.

If within 30 days you aren't completely satisfied with the remap, then we will give you your money back!

This gives you 30 days to evaluate the benefits of an AutoRemap's remap at no risk to yourself - can we say fairer than that?

Autoremap also give a lifetime warranty on all our maps